Techniques for a smooth shave Reveal a clear face without scars

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Young men who don’t like their faces to have unkempt beards. Therefore, it must be managed by shaving regularly. When going to the shop to do it, it often costs money to the point that it doesn’t seem worth it. I want to try shaving myself. There was a mistake and an injury. I shaved and it didn’t work as I wanted. I rubbed it and it still felt rough on my hands. Plus, skin problems also follow. For those of you who are still new to shaving, here are techniques that will help turn you into a professional shave. Let me tell you that it’s neat, smooth, and definitely gives satisfactory results.

A clean shave for each person There may be steps and methods that vary according to your convenience. But for those who are starting out or don’t have any guidelines yet. ยูฟ่าเบท have follow the following steps.

  • Start by washing your face with warm water to add moisture to your skin. But some people may choose to shave after showering as well. Because when the skin is moisturized May help reduce the risk of developing a red rash after shaving.
  • If using a disposable razor Always apply shaving cream or gel first. To help shave smoothly and more conveniently By applying cream or gel to the upper and lower face of the lips, cheeks, chin, neck, or in the area that needs to be shaved.
  • Next, hold the razor close to the skin. Apply a little pressure and gently drag the razor along the hair. In most cases, men will have their mustaches pointing downwards. You shouldn’t shave backwards. This can cause a red rash or inflamed follicles after shaving. And don’t put too much pressure on the razor. Especially those who often have wounds from shaving. Instead, apply just a little pressure and shave twice to help reduce the risk of cuts. You should also be more careful and shave in short lines if you shave on the chin and jaw.
  • If using a razor blade You should clean it by running water through the blades every time before your next shave. To remove stubble and shaving cream or gel stuck on the blades, you should also change the blades regularly. Shouldn’t be used until the blade is dull. Because it will cause a red rash. Skin irritation And there may be more wounds from razor cuts.
  • When finished shaving Wash your face again. Then use aftershave or skin care products after shaving. To help add moisture to the skin.

Shaving may seem easy to many people. But if done incorrectly, it may have negative effects on the facial skin. Especially those who shave without washing their face. Shave without using shaving cream or gel. Use a razor that is not sharp. Shave against the grain of the hair. Including people with sensitive skin who choose to use aftershave that contains high amounts of perfume or alcohol.

Such shaving behavior May cause skin irritation. or a red rash appears after shaving This requires stopping shaving for a while. And it may take several days or weeks for the facial skin to rest and recover.

In addition, razor cuts are another problem for those who start to shave. or even those who have experience with shaving Occasional razor cuts can occur. This is the result of putting too much pressure on the blade. Or it could be a warning sign that it’s time for a new blade. If you face this problem You should use tissue or a clean cloth to cover the wound. And apply a little pressure to help stop the bleeding.