Let’s exercise by dancing ZUMBA.

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Zumba is a type of aerobic exercise that uses alternating slow and fast rhythmic dancing. Is based on salsa, flamenco, and meringue dances. which is a popular dance in Latin American countries Makes the dancer feel more fun than general exercise. Dancers do not need to have any prior dancing skills or background. Because there is no need to count the beats like normal dancing.

The advantages of Zumba are: You will break out of the old framework of exercising for health. Sometimes, when we exercise out of necessity, it’s not as fun as we want to exercise. Therefore, Zumba dancing is one of the first activities that people start to change and Let’s take care of our health again. And of course, when aerobics is combined with faster music, it will increase muscle vigor and strength more than normal aerobics. And ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app most importantly, exercising like Zumba helps you sweat faster than walking on a normal treadmill.

Zumba dancing can burn more calories than aerobic dancing and cardio kickboxing. In 60 minutes, you can burn more calories than aerobic dancing and cardio exercise. Get about 369 calories and strengthen your core muscles. It also helps increase the flexibility of the body at the same time.

In addition, Zumba dancing helps with the blood circulation and respiratory system very well. This is because many experienced people have had respiratory problems. When participating in Zumba dancing activities, the respiratory tract will be better. It may be related to rhythmic exercise, which makes the rhythm of breathing smooth. And most importantly, exercise helps with blood circulation. Therefore, it is not surprising that people exercise. The body by dancing Zumba will become healthy faster than people who do normal exercise.

How much Zumba exercise should I do per week?

As with other types of aerobic exercise, the U.S. Department of Health states: In general, you can get up to 150 minutes of Zumba exercise per week if you exercise at a moderate level. and can exercise at the highest intensity ( Vigorous Aerobic Activity ) by dancing for 75 minutes per week. However, it must largely depend on the health of the exerciser.