Toner removes residue on the face. does it really solve skin problems?

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Toner is a product that is classified in the skincare group. Used to clean the face. Has the ability to help remove dirt remaining on the face completely. Helps reduce the chance of clogged pores and removes dead skin cells. To reveal brighter and smoother skin.

In addition to helping with cleaning, Toner also helps nourish the skin. This is because most people tend to wash their faces with cleansers that have a relatively high acidity-base level or pH level, which causes the pH level on the face to be unbalance. Will then help restore the pH level on the skin that has been damag. Ready to help adjust the skin condition to be ready to receive nourishment from skincare in the next step more effectively.

Has many benefits as follows:

  • Removes dust , makeup , residue, or other impurities on the surface.
  • Cleans and prevents clogged pores on the face.
  • Helps exfoliate skin cells and reduces the size of pores
  • Controls oil on the face And helps reduce the occurrence of acne and blackheads.
  • Restoring the pH balance of the facial skin.
  • Prevent dull facial skin.
  • Add moisture after shaving.

Toner can be use to clean and nourish the skin in one bottle. which can be use both during the day and at nigh, it’s very easy. UFABET have steps for use are as follows.

  • Wash your face with water. or a cleanser that is use regularly
  • Drop an appropriate amount of toner onto a cotton pad.
  • Use cotton to gently wipe your face. It is recommend to wipe the pores. It will help clean the clogs on the face thoroughly.
  • Leave it for the toner to absorb into the skin. without washing off

How to make your own toner

If you are concern about allergic substances that may be found in toner. or want to use toner with natural ingredients You may choose to make your own toner using the following simple methods.

Recipe 1: Mix lemon juice with water. Then take a cotton ball and soak it thoroughly. Before wiping over the entire face as in the normal steps of using toner.

Recipe 2 : Take apple cider. Sterile distilled water is mix at a ratio of 1:3. This is a formula that may result in a natural toner that is also rich in enzymes and AHA acids.