Things you should know about playing bodyweight.

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Bodyweight is a form of exercise that focuses on using body weight to exercise the body. Most often it is a muscle exercise which increases the muscle mass in the body. But it also uses more energy than other forms of exercise.

Although it is a simple, convenient, and seemingly harmless exercise. There are many things you should know before playing to reduce the risk of injury and get the most benefit from playing as follows:

Study how to play each position in detail, such as the posture, muscles that should be tense or felt. and things that should not be done in that position, etc. ทางเข้า ufabet 

Focus or focus on doing the pose correctly rather than on the number of reps and speed.

People with congenital disease Especially obesity, heart disease, and excessive weight. Muscle injury, bone disease, recent surgery or treatment for a broken bone You should consult your doctor before exercising of any kind.

Doing bodyweight for the first time may cause symptoms. muscle pain  This is because the muscles have not been used for a long time. But the symptoms are usually mild or moderately severe and go away on their own, with symptoms getting better with subsequent play sessions.

You shouldn’t play too hard or for too long.

 Especially people who just started playing. or have congenital disease Because it may cause injury. Additionally, muscle mass takes time to build along with exercise and diet.

You should do a variety of bodyweight moves to work different muscles throughout your body. This will help the body look more proportional.

Make bodyweight training and self-care a part of your daily life. Because even if you exercise until you have a good figure or lose weight. If you go back and stop exercising and don’t take care of yourself. It can cause you to lose your figure and increase your weight as well.

Alternating bodyweight with cardio. Such as running, swimming, cycling, or playing sports. Along with eating nutritious foods, high in protein,  low in fat, and providing appropriate energy, will help your muscles and body become stronger. It also helps people who are losing weight to lose weight more effectively.