Italy win over Hungary 2-1 in the Nations League.

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Italy secured their first win in the Nations League with a narrow 2-1 win over Hungary on Tuesday. Starting the game in the first 2 minutes. Italy had a chance to win immediately. When Matteo Politano opened the ball for Gianluca Mancini to head in the penalty area. The ball entered the frame. But not through the hands of Denes Dibusz. The visiting football team goalkeeper. 

In the 21st minute. Italy has a chance to win again from the coordination of the same pair. Matteo Politano opened the ball for Gianluca Mancini to head again. But still secure. 

Italy took the lead 1-0 until in the 30th minute, got the ball on the right side. UFABET but there was no corner shot, so it flowed in front of the penalty area for Nicolo Barella to catch and hit with the right. The ball flew into the triangle beautifully.

The last minute of the first half.

Italy led 2-0 when Matteo Politano went to the right before opening the door to the far post, Lorenzo Pellegrini ran over easily. don’t miss it

Italy almost led the third ball when, in the 55th minute, Matteo Politano got the ball in front of the penalty area before dragging himself to the left, the ball passed Denes Dibusz’s hand, but hit the crossbar like Hungary survived. in this rhythm

Hungary, who had less chances, broke the egg in the 61st minute when he opened the ball to the right into the penalty area. Gianluca Mancini tried to intercept the ball at the first post, but it was angular into his own goal. make the score 2-1

The visiting team had another chance in the 78th minute. Adam Salai opened the ball for Andras Schaefer to shoot with a narrow right angle. But the pole came off the back a bit.

The rest of the time Italy was unable to score a goal to close the box. But won 2-1 to collect the first victory in this list successfully in Nations League.