Dumfries believes Inter are strong enough to reach the championship.

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Inter Milan right wing-back Denzel Dumfries believes his side are strong enough to reach big goals. That’s the UEFA Champions League title.

Inter reaffirmed their 1-0 win over AC Milan on Tuesday. After winning 3-0 on aggregate. They advance to the Champions League final, facing the winners of Manchester City and Real Madrid on Wednesday.

“I think we have a very experienced team. It’s a tough team to beat. We play tight. and in this season You have seen in the big games. We are ready to fight, we are ready to suffer UFABET

“So far we have had a great season. And now we are going to Istanbul for victory. And we are really determined to reach that goal.”

When asked about marking up a recovering Rafael Leao back in Milan for the second game, Dumfries said it was normal. Because they often face each other

“For me He’s a top player. I played duels with him a lot. Because we met in many derby matches. We respect him. But as I said We have a very strong team. and experienced”

“We’ll wait and see tomorrow who the finalist will be. We are not involved. We concentrate on ourselves. And tomorrow we will see which team will make it to the finals.” Dumfries said.