Agile Talent Demystified

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Agile Talent is a massive and accelerating global workforce trend

Organizational leaders recognize their need for agile talent is growing.  

And, around the world, a generation of talented individuals in many fields are choosing an entrepreneurial, agile talent career.

Firms like Deloitte and Accenture forecast that agile talent may be as much as a third of the workforce now, and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

But so many questions >>

What differentiates great agile talents?

What must hiring organizations do to get and give the most to the agile talents they rely on?

How do you effectively manage agile talent?

What factors drive the success of blended project teams?

What can innovative on demand staffing firms do to improve the effectiveness of their agile talent clients?

The Agile Talent Collaborative is a unique source for answers to these important questions.

Jon Younger and Norm Smallwood, thought leaders in HR and talent management, coined the term agile talent in their new book Agile Talent.

Jon was smitten by the excitement of a new industry, and founded the Agile Talent Collaborative.

We are a non-profit cooperative that leads the research effort to define best practice for agile talent, the on demand staffing industry, and the public and private sector organizations that rely on them.

Since our founding, we’ve delivered a steady stream of unique research reports published in top journals like:

talent quarterly

We invite you to join us.

Who should join?

If you are part of the agile talent revolution, join us.

If you are working with the agile talent revolution, as a member of an on demand staffing startup, join us.

If you are a professional or manager in a corporation or government department, and work with agile talents, join us.

If you are researcher in the area of talent management, join us.

If you are an HR or purchasing professional, who interacts with agile talent, join us.

What’s involved?

The cost of membership: Free. Help us grow our collective insight.

We seek your help in defining best practice and hope you will participate in our best practice studies.

And, as the collaborative grows, we hope you’ll participate in meetups and small conferences that bring the on demand staffing community together with organization leaders to increase insight and collaboration.